Wychwood Vuefinder Flybox Small Double Slot Foam

Wychwood Vuefinder Flybox Small Double Slot Foam

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    The VUEfinder is the original clear lid concept fly box, aiding the correct selection of flies when stored alongside numerous other boxes in your luggage. The clear high density Polycarbonate lids provide fantastic durability, handling and water resistance when coupled with the rubber seals. They are available in two sizes with various options of foam inserts to suit each angler‘s demands and offer fantastic value for money.Available in several storage configurations:

  • Double Dry Fly Compartment
  • Ripple Foam / Dry Fly Compartment
  • Slotted Foam / Dry Fly Compartment
  • Double Ripple Foam
  • Ripple / Slotted Foam
  • Double Slotted Foam

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